Hair Management Advice

A Bad Haircut

We get lots of people who come to us to fix their bad haircut experience

We can correct bad haircuts without cutting all your hair off, yes , most of the times its a matter of layering the hair with the right angles so it falls with more balance and frames the head shape or by just trimming areas to improved the growing back process. Haircutting is like sculpting , we cut to carve bone structure, face shape and texture .We can give you advice on what's the best step to take. Our Hot Heads Extensions is a super fast and easy way to put back length to your lost hair, check out the extensions page for more information.

Olaplex is here!

Olaplex is a internal hair reconstructor, We use it in all our chemical services .It repairs your hair as the color or highlight processes. It's a Disulfide bond multiplier which strenghtens hair internally giving your hair a new life. Hard to believe? See for your self at Olaplex treatments are also available without a chemical treatment

Dried over processed hair After color treatments, blow-drying and curling our hair has taken a beating. It is frizzy, split on the ends and hard to deal with. How do we get rid of the fried hair and, calm down our locks before our next appointment with our stylist?

Don't worry, you don't have to stop the highlights, low-lights, or the bleach and dye. What you will need to do is put a little more work into your hair each day.What is happening to your hair is very simple. Your hair is getting completely dried out from all of the heat styling and chemicals being put into it. We need to jump start your hair and give it back some of it's natural moisture.

Try to wash and towel-dry your hair or let it air-dry at night time. Don't blow dry it. If you use a glossing or styling cream on your hair, apply it while your hair is still damp and use a brush or comb to distribute the product. In the morning, apply a heat protector on your hair before you turn on any styling tools then, style away! As time goes on, many people will find their hair easier to style using this method.

If you really need a boost for the dry hair, make an appointment for a conditioning treatment. Don't get anything else on the hair but that treatment. Find out what products your stylist recommends for you to use. In specific, get a recommendation for a good glossing or styling cream and, a good heat protector. By the time you are ready for your next service at the salon, you will have a routine to keep your hair "just out of the salon" soft and smooth. If nothing else works!

Don't be this person with the blow dryer and liberate your self from frizz or damaged Hair

Color Correction Advice

Color correction by Carlos

From dark dull red to Flamboyant copper Blonde created with the new Flamboyage technique

We often get phone calls from clients: "I colored my hair and its too red or its green or brassy"

Come in for a free consultation on your hair distress and we will talk you thru the process of fixing the problem. Most Hair color problems are fixable sometimes is a matter of applying color over, neutralizing the tone or going a shade or two lighter by using a lightener and toning it. After wards we recommend a Mask conditioning treatment or taking home products to revitalize your precious strands. Most important , the better the condition of your hair the better the results so we recommend to always use sulfate free shampoos for color treated hair and a Mask conditioner . We have color refreshers to put back that missing color (color fading) its simple and easy to apply , just pour out of foam can into comb and comb thru on damp clean hair, leave in for 10 to 20 minutes and your color will be bright and fresh looking radiant. We can show you how to blow dry your hair properly to avoid further damage and to recover from previous color disasters.