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Special occasion Makeup - $60 up (1 hour)

proms, award ceremonies, photography...Illusions makeup artists create the perfect look for your special occasion.

Special Ocassion Make-up

    Every once in awhile, we have a big event we need to make an appearance at and, we want to look fabulous. Doing your own make-up is great and, you always know what you like best. But, have you ever considered a brand-new look for a big event? Something that would make you stand out even more?

    There is an easy way to achieve this. Make an appointment with our make-up artist today and, get a make-up lesson and application. The artist will help you play with colours and different looks until you find a few that work for you. They will even give you a chart to help you re-create these looks at home. 

    Once it comes time for your big night, come see the artist again. She will be able to create the perfect evening look for you based off of the last session and give you some tips and tricks on how to keep your make-up on all evening. While you are at it, check with a stylist for a great hairstyle to top it all off.

    Big events are always important and, looking your best is important to us!

 My best regards  
                                                                 Carlos Arellano